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Lyahovichi district
executive committee

The industrial complex is represented by 6 enterprises of the district.

One of biggest enterprises is the Joint-Stock Company "Liahovichi milk plant". The given enterprise has actively worked during 15 years under widening and modernization of industrial capacities. The technical potential of the enterprise allow to process until 230 tons of milk a day. More than 40 names of milk products are assimilated.

In 2004 the enterprise was awarded with diplomas "The best product of the year": milk packed 3,2 and 6% of fattiness, sour cream 25%, country butter, chocolate butter.

In 2003 a workshop on production of food casein is introduced. Up to 230 tones of milk are processed per day; more than 50 names of production are assimilated. Yoghurts, puddings, creams and other delicacies are produced here.

JSC "Liahovichi tinned food factory" produces fruit and vegetable canned goods of more than 80 names: sauces, stalwarts, juices; jams; marinated vegetables, canned shchi and rassolniks. For the 2004 year 12,9 conventional jars of fruit and vegetable tinned goods are produced.

Unitary trade enterprise "Liahovichskoe" peat briquettes is produced, industrial capacities-145000 tones a year. The goods are realized on the territory of the region and republic. Since 2003 the enterprise entered a foreign market on supply of production to Sweden.

JSC "Liahovichi flax-scutching mill" is working on the basis of local raw material. In 1999 a workshop on production of a cottonizer fibre was introduced on enterprise. For the 2004 year 868 tones of a flax fibre were produced.

Private unitary enterprise "Liahovichi coopprom" provides with food-stuffs the district population. It releases bakeries, sausages, macaroni products, non-alcoholic drinks, processes fish products.

JSC "Liahovichi factory "Metal-plastic" is an enterprise of collectiV. form of ownership. The factory is specialized in production of package goods from metal and plastic/polyethylene of low pressure, polyethylene of high pressure and other polymers, processed by the method of casting under pressure by capacity up to 2000 tons a year; tin food by capacity up to 3000 tones a year.

Name of establishment Name of chief Contact properties
JSC "Liahovichi milk plant"
Zhukovskiy Viacheslav Vladimirovich

225370 Liahovichi.
Sovietskaya str., 79.
Ph.: (+375 1633) 2-17-22.
Ph/fax: (+375 1633) 2-46-34.
E-mail: e–do@tut.by.

JSC "Liahovichi tinned food factory"
Leychenko Leonid Pavlovich

225370 Liahovichi.
Desukevich str., 8.
Ph.: (+375 1633) 2-13-72.

UTE "Liahovichskoe"
Ivanov Vasiliy Kuzmich

225385 Liahovichi district/
V. Tukhovichi
Ph.: (+375 1633) 4-72-34.
Waiting-room: (+ 375 1633) 4-72-81.

JSC "Liahovichi flax-scutching mill"
Burbitskiy Alexandr Ivanovich

225370 Liahovichi district.
V. Zadvorye.
Ph.: (+375 1633) 5-82-80.

PUE "Liahovichi coopprom"
Yakubets Galina Nikolaevna

225370 Liahovichi.
S. Vokzalny, 1.
Ph.: (+375 1633) 2-15-58.
Waiting-room: (375 1633) 2-27-83.

JSC "Liahovichi factory "Metal-plastic"

Sekach Gennadiy Mikhailovich

25370 Liahovichi.
Oktiabrskaya str., 206.
Ph: (+375 1633) 2-21-05.
Ph/fax: (+375 1633) 2-16-83.

Lyahovichi district
executive committee
225372, Liahovichi, Lenin place, 3,
e-mail: lyahovrik@brest.by
Lyahovichi district
executive committee
225372, Liahovichi, Lenin place, 3,
e-mail: lyahovrik@brest.by
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